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SEVENFRIDAY anchors with the release of the new Yacht Club P3 / 06. Thought as a tribute to the P-Series and the industrial engine world, P3 / 06 is a modern vision of classicism and the elegance of the world of sailing.

Accompanying the sailors the Coral Reef Yacht Club on the Biscayne Bay from Miami to Marina Keppel Bay Singapore, the P3 / 06 Yacht Club distinguishes itself in particular with an animation ring in wood, an anchor motif and a suede blue bracelet.
Primed of its most beautiful marine style, the P3 / 06 Yacht Club will lift sails in September with a limited edition of 450 pieces around the world!

In pure nautical tradition, the P3 / 06 Yacht Club embodies the valor and will of sailors who brave with passion the oceans for sport and pleasure. The iconic P-Series is reinterpreted in a spirit nautical with three levels of interfaces: red, white and blue, which evoke a compass, faithful guide of the sailors. The red hour hand, filled with Super-Luminova®, the white disc of minutes tinted with blue, and the second disc composed of strips white and lined with woodwork remind the Rose des Winds. The anchor marking the 12 hours is an emblem of this lifestyle as well as the grooves of the ring inspired by the woodwork of a sailboat. The suede blue bracelet accentuates this marine spirit.

From the “Old Man and the Sea” of Hemingway to “Moby Dick “of Melville, our fascination for the sea transcends geographical and cultural boundaries. This enthusiasm is perpetuated through the P3 / 06 Yacht Club. The white dial, like a rudder, guides us up to the blue anchor, placed just below the logo engraved SEVENFRIDAY. The wooden animation ring is inspired by the bridge of the boats. The steel crown stainless steel brings a princely touch to the model. The suede blue calf leather bracelet suggests that tumultuous waters are to come.

“We used a classic to create a new classic “says Dan Niederer CEO and Co-Founder of SEVENFRIDAY. “This contemporary interpretation of the marine heritage creates a dynamic design that only SEVENFRIDAY can offer. “The symbiosis of the elements blue, white and red reinterpreted by industrial design of SEVENFRIDAY, is a real thunderclap. ” The Yacht Club Edition takes you on a journey. It’s a declaration of love to the ocean with its woodwork which recalls the bridge of the ships which traverses it. From the Bahamas in the Maldives, P3 / 06 is turning heads in all the yacht clubs of the world. Prepare yourself for adventure, hold the rudder and sail towards the setting sun.

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